From one mom to another...

This is Evelyn, a little sweetheart who is enrolled in my baby program.  

We have wound our way through Evelyn's first year together and I recently asked her mom, Rebecca, a few questions.

I wanted to know what her advice would be for new moms.  She said "My best piece of advice for new parents is to spend as much time with your babies as your can.  The dishes can wait a little longer but they grow so fast.  Soak up the little moments"

Now, I am sure you have heard something similar before but it is worth repeating.  Take a moment and let it sink in to your mind... and heart. 

I also asked her  "what is your favorite thing about being a mom?"  She responded by telling me "My favorite thing about being a mom is being able to watch them (her two daughters, Evelyn and Keira) grow and learn.  Evelyn is at the age where she learns something new daily and it makes my heart happy to see her start to get her own little personality."  She also mentioned " My favorite thing about Evelyn right now is her curiosity."

Evelyn is 9 months old and as you can imagine, quite busy and on the move. I know she will be a fun playmate for her big sister.

After hearing her responses, it reaffirmed for me once again how important it is to be present in the moment.

Each day their personalities are being formed and you want to have an impact in their growth, to be part of their experience. If you spend time engaging with your baby, you will have no regrets as they grow... and they seem to grow so quickly.  

Rebecca is right... the dishes can wait...In fact, Scotty McCreary has a darling song titled "Dirty dishes".  It's worth checking out. By the way, it was one of my mom's favorites.



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