Just in case you ever wondered???

What was my first photography job???

Believe it or not when I first decided to open my own business in photography (1990), I figured I would practice for about a year and take classes etc. before accepting any jobs.  After about five months, I bought a new camera and called an insusrance company to get the camera insured.  The agent asked me if I ever photographed dogs.  I mentally hesitated then of course I answered..".yes?" (more of a question than a statement lol)  She asked me how much I charged and I stumbled around and said $15.  So, after a 40 minute drive,  (probably spending all of my $15 on gas) I nervously took my first professional images of a shar pei amidst the tall grass and dandelions. Fortunately, when I presented her the portfolio she loved the images and purchased all of them.  I was thrilled to have photographed my first subject and actually get paid for it.  I learned that sometimes you have to jump in the water and take a leap of faith.  For those of you who are just getting started, the important thing is to just START!  I did many jobs for free in order to grow my portfolio.  If your client would like reprints, you can charge them your cost but don't charge them for your service.  You may even be able to ask friends and family to model for you just to add to your samples.  By doing this it will allow you the freedom to experiment and reduce the amount of pressure you feel to be perfect.

I owe many thanks to the people who helped me along the way, my children for letting me take endless photos of them testing new lighting situations and poses, a dear friend of mine for allowing me to take photos of her children and setting me up with my first wedding, my brother and sister- in- law for putting on their wedding attire for me to practice.   Also a huge shout out to my husband for teaching me the technical side and always being supportive.  For those family members and friends who continue to pass along my name and appreciate what I love to do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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