Take the whole roll!

When I was a teenager, I once had an idea when taking photos of my sister.  It was a lightbulb moment. Why don't I take the whole roll??? It was not a typical thing to do. Way back then, if you remember the film days lol, we would take a few photos at Christmas, a few at Easter and by the fourth of July we would take our roll of 24 (or 36 if we were lucky) to Kmart to get developed and pick them up in a week to see how we did. Can you imagine? You would think this was an exaggeration but it's pretty close to how it went down.

So, when we decided to take the whole roll of one event it was a unique idea to us. We figured it would be a real "photo shoot". Surely we would get something we liked. Well, we discovered it was a blast to feel so unrestrained. To take more than 6 or 7 photos, try new things, just like a "real" photographer. Naturally, we did take images we loved because we had choices. Good, better and best. I'm sure this is one of the moments in my life when I started to get the bug to explore photography more fully.

Over the years, I have taken tens of thousands of photos. Obviously the more you practice the better you become. I also know that taking 5 photos will probably not assure you of an exceptional image. Unless of course you took a luxurious amount of time to set it up. To be honest, I can break down some photo stats based on my experience, although I'm sure each person would be slightly different.

I would say from each photo shoot you could figure about 10% of your images will be something really special, 5% will be worthy of framing and 1% will be gold medal winners. So if you take 100 photos, 1 photo will be truly amazing!, If you take 10 photos...well.... I would take more. Now I'm not saying those 10 won't be nice, but I'm talking "out of this would" great. I think you get the picture (haha)

Don't be afraid to take the whole roll, take lots of photos, experiment, practice, practice, practice. In the digital age, there is NO reason not to do so. It's the best time ever for learning, no waiting a week to see the results and no additional cost to take 24 or 200.

Have Fun!!



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