The #1 question I get asked about photography....

Which camera should I buy? 

I have often wondered if iPhone photography would replace digital photography for most people.  Would this reduce the number of individuals wanting to purchase and learn about DSLR cameras?  I actually now believe the opposite is true. I believe that the easy access to capturing special moments has increased peoples' desire to be more creative and learn more.  In fact the #1 question I get asked about photography is "what camera should I buy".


That question really has many different answers depending on each individuals' needs.  I think the best thing to do is make a list of criteria that would satisfy your photographic goals.  You may want to start by answering the following questions.

1) What is your budget

2) What type of photos do you enjoy taking - sports, family, nature etc.?

3) Is it important to you to be able to change lenses?

4) Do you want to be able to use a professional flash?

Unfortunately, I do not know everything about all camera brands.  One online resource that I suggest, one that I use, is DP review.  It can help you narrow down your choices and help you find the camera that is the perfect fit for you.

I am fortunate that here in my area we have an excellent resource for technical information at the Camera Exchange in Waterford.  They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  It is always beneficial if you can put the camera in your hands, feel it, try it out before you purchase.  Finding a trusted, local camera shop is invaluable in helping you make that final decision.

Good luck!


BONUS: I do have a favorite camera to recommend for individuals wanting to step up their game when moving from a point and shoot or iphone.  I have recommended the Nikon D3400 many times and all of those who have purchased it on my recommendation have been very pleased?

(top three reasons for recommending this camera:  not too pricey, many great features and ease of use.)





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