What do you prefer??

Are you a fan of color or black and white images?

Interestingly, I receive more likes on instagram when I post a black and white image.  I love black and white and think they look classic when framed in a home.

Years ago, before the digital age, I had to decide in advance if I wanted to load black and white or color film.  I really had to make a conscious choice about the final photo before I even shot one frame.  Now, I shoot everything in color and decide after the fact which images will look great if I desaturate them (remove the color).  Don't even get me started on how many different black and white options there are to choose from lol.

Having said that, I do still consider what clothing choices I recommend if I hope to create stunning black and white images as a final product.  Some outfit colors just work better when converted. I try to avoid mid tones or grays as they look dull when not in color. I prefer rich deep/dark tones, bright colors and obviously black and white. Having many different grays or midtones in a black and white image can be interesting juxtaposed with true blacks and whites but as a rule for portraits I still prefer the clothing not be part of those midtones.

What factors come into play when making the decision to remove the color?? For me, I feel the image has to be able to "hold its own" without the color telling the story. One way I believe this happens is when the image is emotional. Another test for me is when I feel the image may be nostalgic and lastly, I often change photos when there is great contrast and dramatic appeal.

So, in the computer age of photography, you have unlimited choices on how to achieve your desired effect.  I would suggest experimenting and have fun with the multitude of options, the tricky part is that each image will be different.

Let me know if you prefer black and white or color photos and why?



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