What should we wear?

My top three suggestions when choosing clothing for your family's photo session


1)  Keep it simple...yet interesting

Photos of one's family will very often become wall portraits.  We want to keep in mind we will be viewing these images frequently and as a part of our home decor.  Bright colors and bold designs may be fun for a party or a golf game but may not work above one's fireplace.  Be mindful of where the photo will be displayed in your home.

Your portrait will be more beautiful if there is a sense of individual style amongst the outfits as opposed to a family of 5 in all brown matching sweaters. I strongly suggest avoiding patterns and stripes, unless they are extremely subtle patterns.


2) Chose outfits that blend and are complementary to one another

It is not necessary to all wear the same color but make sure the outfits are in the same color family or are complementary colors.  Think all pastel, all jewel tones, all nuetrals, all warm, or all cool.

It is also important to make sure that the whole look is cohesive in terms of casual vs formal.

Use nuetrals as a base for slacks or skirts such as Khaki, denim, black or white and build from there.

It is important to think about where the photo session will take place and choose colors that will blend nicely with the background.


3) Lay the outfits on the couch

I always start by laying the outfits on my couch and taking a step back to look at them all together.  This is a great way to make sure they look pleasing to the eye.  It will be quite obvious if one outfit is screaming "look at me".  That will be the outfit to replace.

It is also a quick and easy way to try different looks if you are having trouble deciding between outfits.


*** About the above photos

In the first photo (clothing), the nuetrals all work together but the sweater on the far right is just too bold and draws all the attention. I would replace it.

In the second photo (family), I used white and khaki as our base and added powder blue and a touch of lavendar to look great on the beach.


I really enjoy working with my clients as they choose their outfits.  It is included as part of my service when you book a session with me.

Choosing the correct clothing will elevate your images from good to great!!!






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